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Made to perform in all conditions, the Flexfit Delta® cap is the future of technical headwear. Along with its seamless front panels, the cap features a multi-functional 3-layer sweatband, a revolutionary stain-block tech, and the original Flexfit® technology for ultimate performance.

  • Lightweight Fabrication

    The all new visor has been engineered to be lighter, reducing front heaviness for quick movement.

  • 3 Layer Sweatband

    The multi-functional 3-layer sweatband efficiently absorbs sweat to enhance comfort.

  • Seamless Technology

    Fused panels have no stitches, creating a clean and modern look.

  • Stain-Block Technology

    Our stain-block technology utilizes Cool & Dry treatment to absorb sweat and diffuse it through the undervisor, where it evaporates and prevents the cap from staining and warping