New 2020 Flexfit® Styles

Introducing our new Flexfit® styles for 2020!
We’ve created a range of caps built for performance, lifestyle, sustainability, and breathability.

Take a closer look into our newest additions to the Flexfit® caps – 280 Flexfit Delta®, UniPanel™ Cap, 6350 Flexfit® HeatherLight™ Cap, 110R Flexfit 110® Recycled Mesh Cap, and 360 Flexfit® 360 OmniMesh™ Cap.

More on each style:

280 – Flexfit Delta® UniPanel™ Cap features a fused front panel to provide an uninterrupted canvas for any type of decoration.

6350 – Flexfit® HeatherLight™ Cap not only utilizes stretchable heather fabric but is a lightweight cap in order to deliver both comfort and style.

110R – Flexfit 110® Recycled Mesh Cap is our company’s solution to creating a sustainable life by salvaging recycled water bottles as part of the creation process.

360 – Flexfit® 360 OmniMesh™ Cap features mesh all-around for enhanced breathability.