New Caramel Colorway

 At Flexfit, our caps have always kept up with and adapted to changing times and shifting trends. With that, we’re proud to present a new 2020 color option amongst some of our most popular styles – caramel.

Caramel is an ideal autumn hue that works perfectly year-round as a warm neutral shade. 

Some of our popular styles are now even better compliments to your outfits with the caramel colorway, from black jeans to denim jackets to grey work pants. 

Our new 2020 color caramel is currently available for the following styles:

6511/6511T – Flexfit® Trucker Mesh Cap /2-Tone

6606/6606T – YP Classics® Retro Trucker Cap /2-Tone

1500KC – YP Classics® Knit Beanie

1501KC – YP Classics® Cuffed Knit Beanie