Flexfit® Lyocell

Introducing FLEXFIT® LYOCELL, a botanic textile sourced from an award-winning closed-loop production plant. Known for its natural comfort, LYOCELL is a cellulosic fiber made from Eucalyptus pulp and other trees. This environmentally friendly process not only reduces resource consumption but is able to recycle 99% of solvents back into the loop. In the end, LYOCELL is programmed to biodegrade, using less for this and leaving no burden to future generations.

Flexfit Lyocell
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YUPOONG was founded under the philosophy of community enrichment. A platform to help our clients succeed, a business model to succeed only with our clients, not against them. Working with community leaders and charitable organizations, the spirit of community continues with a commitment towards the future. Constantly testing for lasting solutions, experience YUPOONG’s innovation and never-ending commitment towards a better tomorrow.


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No chemical waste, 98% less water, and 30% less energy.
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