Veil Camo® Headwear

Mathematical symbols

Mathematical Connection

The natural world is shaped with proportion, patterns, & mathematics. We integrate these nature-based fractal & chaos theories into every veil concealment design.

Venn diagram

Controlled Color

Veil patterns engage selective palettes derived from colors & shades found in environments for which they’re created. They also cross reference vision & perception research. Exploiting opportunities for design.

An atom

Camouflage Theory

Veil designs researched & proven concealment principles into every pattern. The foundation of everything they do is grounded in the natural world then scientifically & artfully combined with knowledge of how camouflage fools the brain.

An eye

Vision & Perception

We utilize research data on human and animal eyesight, depth perceptions, & detection of movement to create uniquely superior concealment.


One of the best blending patterns made, Veil Camo® Wideland was inspired by vast expanses of varied terrains and open sky.


Veil Camo Poseidon Black is a visually imposing presence perfect for tactical use.